Restaurant Advocacy Fund

The Restaurant Advocacy Fund (RAF) protects you, your business and your employees. The restaurant industry is a major economic force, yet legislators and special-interest groups introduce dozens of anti-restaurant bills and regulations each year. Our goal is to build a powerful advocacy arm at both the national and state levels. Whatever the issue, we want to be positioned to fight the next legislative battle, not the last. The RAF relies on contributions from those who work within and are associated with the restaurant industry.

The RAF has contributed nearly $7 million to state partners in their efforts to fight anti-business legislation and initiatives. Specifically in Ohio, the RAF provided financial and professional resources to the Ohio Restaurant Association in our fight against the 2006 minimum wage initiative and the 2008 mandatory paid sick leave initiative.

RAF protects your business

  • Nationally and here in the state of Ohio, some politicians are seeking to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Your dollars help inform policy makers and the media about the devastating impact this would have on the restaurant industry and the millions of jobs it supports.

  • Activist labor unions have decided that targeting restaurant wage and benefit issues is good politics. The Restaurant Advocacy Fund (RAF) exists to set the record straight by presenting the facts that disprove big labor’s myths.

  • Increasingly, our opponents are asking city councils to enact regressive ordinances. The RAF has the resources to assist those of us at the state level when the need arises to respond to a very local issue.

How can I help?

The Ohio Restaurant Association hosts the ORA/NRA Golf Classic each year in June. Money raised at this event benefits the Restaurant Advocacy Fund and advocacy efforts in Ohio. For more information, contact  Joe Rosato at 614-246-0130.

For more information about ORA's government affairs program, contact Joe Rosato at 614-246-0130 or