The ProStart® Certificate of Achievement (COA) is awarded to students who successfully complete both the academic and the work experience requirements of the ProStart® program.

Students who wish to earn their COA must complete:

> Pass both Level/Year 1 and Level/Year 2 Final Exams

> Student Workplace Validation Form 

> Student Work Experience Competency Checklist 

> Verification of 400 Work Hours (i.e. pay stubs, W-2, signed letter by employer on company letterhead or school catering log) 

> School Restaurant/Catering Log 

>NOTE: up to 200 hours can be completed at a school enterprise (catering/restaurant) the remaining paid or unpaid hours must be completed outside of school/classroom hours.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the COA:

Why do I need to earn a national certificate (Certificate of Achievement-COA)?

> It will show future employers that you are serious about a career in the foodservice industry

> It's your FIRST credential on your way to many more 

> It demonstrates to others that you have met national standards 

> It allows you to receive credits to select colleges 

> It makes you eligible to compete for ProStart scholarships designated only for certificate recipients

If I don't pass the exam, can I take it again?

> Students who do not pass the exam can retest as many times as they want however, there is an examination fee for each test.