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The ProStart® program was developed to increase the quality and employability of today's high school restaurant-management and culinary arts graduates by providing them with essential work related skills, as well as career exploration and the opportunity to seek post secondary education. The ProStart program includes an industry-backed curriculum to teach, test and award industry-recognized credential to students meeting high standards in foodservice and restaurant education.

ProStart is a national two-year curriculum for high school juniors and seniors developed by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. Coupled with relevant work-based experiences, this curriculum enriches, enhances, and reinforces what students learn in the classroom and provides students with opportunities to develop the essential skills critical to their future success. By integrating classroom learning with real world job experiences, ProStart provides students to learn important skills including customer service, leadership, teamwork and responsibility.

If you are interested in learning more about the ProStart program, please click below. Contact Executive Director, phalper@ohiorestaurant.org Patricia Halper for more detailed information at (877) 442-9374.

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