ORA Local Restaurant Alliance

The Ohio Restaurant Association currently operates Local Restaurant Alliances in Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland to engage with restaurateurs, food service professionals and others on a local level.

The alliances were established in 2016 and are growing with industry advocates all over the state. The purpose of the alliances is to build grassroots relationships with local officials and leaders to tackle topics important to the industry such as community development, workforce development, burdensome government regulations and social issues. The alliances are also building membership in the ORA, which strengthens our voice in local communities, across Ohio and at the statehouse.

In 2017, the ORA helped restaurateurs connect with city officials to build a positive relationship in communities. Our Local Restaurant Alliance Columbus held a self-defense class for women in the foodservice industry, among many other things.

To learn more about our local alliances, write to ask@ohiorestaurant.org or call the ORA office at 614-442-3535.