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Restaurant Safety & Training

The Ohio Restaurant Association offers comprehensive safety resources, designed to assist foodservice industry operators with their accident prevention and compliance efforts. Through our partnership with our safety partner - RiskControl360˚ - the ORA is committed to assisting hospitality professionals achieve a greater competitive advantage by reducing insurance-related costs and improving performance. The ORA's goal is to empower business owners and executives to become better risk managers.

In addition to the Restaurant Safety Guide, the ORA website's restaurant safety section offers other important components such as:

> Common Causes of Accidents in the Kitchen
> Common OSHA citations
​> Hazardous Chemicals and Restaurant Safety

Workplace Safety Posters Resources

>Food Safety Mini-Posters
> Youth Worker Safety in Restaurants eTool - Safety Posters

> When utilizing safety posters, research shows after two weeks people look past the posters so it is best to rotate them frequently.

The Ohio Restaurant Association Safety Program features a wide range of training courses specific for the industry. From core courses to annual topics that are added to meet the needs of members, you'll find quality behind every course.

To view upcoming restaurant health & safety courses or industry events, visit the ORA's Meetings & Events page.