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Electricity Savings

IGS Energy offers specialized group purchasing rates to ORA members for their electricity needs.

Founded in 1989, based in Dublin, OH, IGS Energy is one of America's leading providers of electricity and natural gas needs.

How it works:

Being able to purchase natural gas and electricity from a single, direct provider with custom pricing and the power of group purchasing can help save time and money for foodservice operators. These are some of the reasons why the Ohio Restaurant Association (ORA) is now partnering with IGS Energy as a strategic partner for ORA members' energy needs.

As part of the association’s commitment to helping members grow and sustain their businesses, the ORA understands that reducing an operation’s energy costs leads to a positive impact on a restaurant’s bottom line. In addition to the ease of procuring natural gas and electricity with one supplier, IGS Energy offers ORA members the following benefits:

> Custom pricing and the power of group purchasing
> Transparent, easy to understand terms, conditions and billing
> An excellent service team with a five year history of serving ORA members, and
> Direct account contact

The Ohio energy market is a diverse and rapidly changing deregulated market, and the ORA has found that most restaurants pay too much for their natural gas and do not take advantage of opportunities to lower this important component of their operating costs. Through this exclusive Strategic Partnership, IGS Energy can review your current situation and determine if this benefit can help you reduce your energy costs.

“I trust and value my relationship with IGS Energy and my contact there. Andrea was able to save me money right away from the program I used to be on. I enjoy the convenience of a local, family owned company that is right around the corner from my restaurant.”

- Jason Liu, Founder and President, J. Liu Restaurant & Bar

For Member Benefits:

​Let the power of group purchasing go to work for you by affording IGS Energy the opportunity to help you save time and money on your natural gas and electricity costs. It’s easy to get started. Simply contact Andrea Longbrake at IGS Energy at 614-659-5190, or at IGS Energy will perform a detailed analysis explaining your current costs as well as market conditions. Please be ready to provide a copy of your gas and electricity bills upon request.